Founded as Seligman, Friedman & Company, P.C., we have spent our first half-century crafting a level of commitment to our clients which is based on providing sound, traditional, accounting and financial advice and business advisory services to help them increase profitability and net worth.  This is still SF&Company’s philosophy. We know that success is more than crunching numbers; success is built on strong client relationships.

With offices based in Harrisburg, York and State College, Pennsylvania, SF&Company, CPAs and Business Advisors is a leading certified public accounting and business advisory firm focused on offering expert financial guidance and dedicated representation to privately held companies, the people who own them, high net worth individuals and non-profit organizations.

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What makes a good boss?
Bosses, whether good or bad, play a critical role in an employee's life. What do people want in a boss? Here are attributes good bosses have so you can evaluate your own management style related to them.

There's more to estate planning than saving taxes

For many people, estate taxes have gone the way of buggy whips and typewriters. But there's far more to estate planning than saving taxes. Be sure you're not overlooking important non-tax issues.

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Basis? Variance? What do these words mean?
Understanding accounting and tax terms is essential to the success of your business and personal finances. Yet the language of money management can be confusing. Here are common words accountants use.

How financial institutions use audit information
Lenders are among the key users of audit information. Credit granting by financial institutions is a risk-based endeavor set up to earn a profit. What are lenders looking for in your audit information?