Founded as Seligman, Friedman & Company, P.C., we have spent our first half-century crafting a level of commitment to our clients which is based on providing sound, traditional, accounting and financial advice and business advisory services to help them increase profitability and net worth.  This is still SF&Company’s philosophy. We know that success is more than crunching numbers; success is built on strong client relationships.

With offices based in Harrisburg, York and State College, Pennsylvania, SF&Company, CPAs and Business Advisors is a leading certified public accounting and business advisory firm focused on offering expert financial guidance and dedicated representation to privately held companies, the people who own them, high net worth individuals and non-profit organizations.

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Does your family business appeal to outside employees?
Getting and keeping good employees is critical to the success of your family business. Don't let an inaccurate stereotype about family businesses keep you from attracting the best in your community.

Selling a home: Which improvements are worthwhile?

Homeowners who are preparing their home for sale often wonder if it's worth the money to make certain improvements - like remodeling the kitchen or bathroom. Some are more cost-effective than others.

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How fighting ageism can help your business
Like other forms of discrimination, ageism is based on stereotypes and assumptions. Choose your employees based on the qualities, talents and commitment they bring to your company, regardless of birth date.

The crushing cost of employee theft
No one really knows how much occupational fraud goes undiscovered, but the median loss to a victim organization in the U.S. is $100,000. And worse, little that is stolen is ever recovered.